The New Open Source StuntRally 2.3 Racing Game Looks Great

The latest version of StuntRally is now available for download

StuntRally, a free racing game that features over 150 tracks and lots of cars, has just reached version 2.3 and it's sporting a new look.

The game is built with the help of several technologies, such as Vdrift, bullet, OGRE, PagedGeometry, and MyGUI, just to name a few, but this is more than just a simple project. StuntRally is probably the most ambitious open source arcade racing game on the Linux platform and it shows from the number of features.

Players have access to 153 tracks with a total of 24 levels, spanning over 4 hours of gameplay. StuntRally features ghost drive (chase your best time car on track), track's ghost (best drive for track, a green ghost car ES on all tracks), and replays (save your drive and watch it from other cameras later). There are also tutorials, championships, challenges, split screen, and multiplayer. And these features are just scratching the surface.

The graphics for the StuntRally are also quite decent, if we keep in mind that this is a free game, done by people in their free time. Players will find eight graphics presets, terrain parallax, triplanar mapping, car and water reflections, water refraction, bloom, motion blur, SSAO, depth of field, god rays, and HDR. Some of these latest features will require a newer video card.

To top it all off, the developers also implemented a Track Editor that should allow users to edit road points and their parameters in real time, to change all of the track parameters, to tweak the terrain generator, and even to modify elements of the cars while driving.

According to the changelog, all the tracks have been renewed, all the textures for the terrain have been upgraded to 1K, blendmap noise with many parameters has been implemented, emissive light has been added on a few tracks, the grass density is now RenderToTexture, parallax has been disabled for now, dynamic camera bouncing has been added, and fuel now depends on the track length.

Also, users can now pick the window for terrain textures, grasses, and vegetation models, the terrain editing is now a lot faster, the layer buttons have been swapped, the start position for the Track Editor has been changed, the button on Layers, Grasses, and Vegetation have been updated, a surface tab for terrain and road surface parameters has been added, and much more.

More details about this new release of StuntRally can be found in the announcement. You can download StuntRally 2.3 right now from the official website.

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