The ioDrive Duo, World's Fastest SSD-Based Storage Solution

Fusion-io focuses on the enterprise and server market

Fusion-io, the creator of the successful PCI-Express-based ioDrive storage solution, announced today the new ioDrive Duo, a new product that the company claims to be the fastest SSD solution currently available on the market. The new drive is available with capacities of up to an impressive 640GB and a whopping transfer speed of 1.5 gigabytes per second. The ioDrive Duo has been specifically built for the enterprise and server market and is designed to be used in RAID-1 setup, enabling an optimal level of performance.

“Many database and system administrators are finding that SANs are too expensive and don't meet performance, protection and capacity utilization expectations,” said David Flynn, CTO of Fusion-io. “This is why more and more application vendors are moving toward application-centric solid-state storage. The ioDrive Duo offers the enterprise the advantages of application-centric storage without application-specific programming.”

Fusion-io's solution is based on PCI Express x8 or PCI Express 2.0 x4 interfaces with a sustainable raw throughput of up to 20 gigabytes per-second. It can sustain 1.5Gb/s read bandwidth and nearly 200,000 read IOPS, while the sustained write bandwidth is of 1400 MB/s. In addition to the technical specifications of the new ioDrive Duo, the storage solution is also featured with solid-sate protection, multi-bit error detection and correction, patent-pending Flashback protection and optional RAID-1 mirroring between ioMemory modules on the same ioDrive Duo.

According to the company, the ioDrive Duo will become available in capacities of 160GB, 320GB and an impressive 640GB. However, Fusion-io plans to add another high-capacity offering, later in the second half of 2009, which will provide customers with a whopping 1.28TB of storage capacity. Unfortunately, we have no details on pricing but, given that it’s targeting the enterprise and server market, we are expecting a rather high price tag.

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