The first electronic paper watch

Presented at Basel

Seiko Watch Corporation presented the first watch that uses electronic paper as a solution for digital display. The event took place during the Baselworld Watch and Jewelry Show international fair, organized at Basel, in Switzerland. The model includes a ultra-thin display which has a small power consumption and is easy to read.

The innovative display is the result of the collaboration between E Ink and the Seiko display division which led to the combination of the "electronic ink" technology with the small size electronic circuits produced by Seiko. Once these components are improved, there will be many implementation possibilities. The main quality of these products will be flexibility.

The technology associated with the electronic paper allows production of original products, having the following characteristics:

* very good contrast: the display is made of pure white and black particles which create a contrast similar to the one of printed pages, that's twice the contrast of classic LCD monitor. Seeing the display when directly illuminated (artificial or solar light source) becomes very easy.

* ultra-thin, flexible: the display is much thinner than any other display technology, analogue or digital. The flexibility of the display allows its inclusion into designs that were impossible until now.

* reduced power consumption: because the display can be read in dim light conditions, the backlighting of the display is unnecessary. Moreover, the display has a strong refresh effect of the image which doesn't require additional power supplying to maintain the image.

Seiko hopes to begin commercializing this watch in Japan, in the spring of next year. Launching the watch internationally and adding other designs have also been taken into consideration.

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