The World's Shortest Escalator Is Located in Japan – Video

The escalator's vertical rise is only 32.8 inches (83 cm)

Have you ever wondered where the world's shortest escalator is? YouTube uploader hippykiller1 and Redditor etegamiguy tell us it's in Kawasaki, Japan.

This clip was submitted to Reddit a day ago, and went viral overnight. It has already garnered almost 350,000 YouTube hits since then.

According to the video, this escalator's vertical rise is only 32.8 inches, which is about 83 centimeters. Editors at Soda Head posted a piece about it in 2011, detailing it made the Guinness Book of World Records.

It is located in the “More's department store,” across the street from the JR Kawasaki train station. You can find it in the portion of the shop nearest to the parking garage, as you are looking to exit the facility.

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