The World's Largest Pumpkin Weighs 2,009 Pounds (911.26 Kilograms)

Ron Wallace from Rhode Island officially grew the world's largest fruit

We often speak about how phenomena such as climate change and global warming could lead to a food crisis which might be a tad too difficult to handle.

Well, we can only (jokingly, of course) assume that growing fruits and vegetables like this pumpkin one farmer from Rhode Island recently introduced to the general public could help human society put this problem behind it.

This stunningly big pumpkin weighs nearly a ton (2,009 pounds / 911.26 kilograms, to be more precise) and the jury present at the Topsfield Fair in Topsfield, Massachusetts, officially declared it to be both the largest pumpkin, and the largest fruit ever grown.

For more information, check out the video below.

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