The Witcher 2 DLC Always Free on PC, Xbox 360 Not Likely

Microsoft's notorious policies prevent freebies for Xbox 360 owners

CD Projekt Red, the developer of the recent The Witcher 2 role playing game, has confirmed that all of the future downloadable content for the title will be free for the PC version, although the upcoming Xbox 360 version might not benefit from such a great deal due to Microsoft's policies.

The Witcher 2 was acclaimed both by reviewers and players for its great visuals, tight gameplay and complex RPG mechanics. Now, just as the PC version is getting ready to receive the massive update 2.0, its developer, CD Projekt Red, has talked about the future DLC plans.

Speaking with Rock Paper Shotgun, development director Adam Badowski confirmed that future content will still be free on the PC, just like it was up until now, but the upcoming Xbox 360 version of the game might not benefit from the same treatment, due to Microsoft's harsh policies.

"All DLC for the PC version is and will remain free," Badowski emphasized. "That's not likely to be the story for the Xbox version, because of certain Microsoft policies that need to be followed. But on PC, once you buy our game, you don't need to worry about any additional costs – we will provide all updates, including those featuring new content, for free."

Up until now, almost each patch brought one or two new quests for players, while the upcoming update 2.0 includes a variety of new features, like an Arena mode, a harder Dark difficulty setting, as well as an enhanced tutorial mode.

The Polish studio confirmed that all of the content released up until now will be included on the Xbox 360 edition, but that might not be the case with DLC that's made after game's console version is launched in early 2012.

Microsoft's policies have been criticized by other developers in the past, including Valve, which pushed a lot of free DLC for its games on the PC, but was forced to charge money when the add-ons appeared for the Xbox 360 versions.

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