The Wireless Battery Charger Really Works

This is a must-have

"What if there were a single charging solution that would make all these chargers and adapters redundant, that could charge all our devices simultaneously, and would be as simple as placing a mobile device down on a desk?! Wouldn't that be simply powerful?

WildCharge is dedicated to revolutionizing electric power delivery to mobile devices through our safe, sleek, wire-free electric power solution. This innovative technology and its derivative family of products will finally deliver to you the true freedom to be mobile!

No messy wires, no tangled cords, no multiple plugs!"

That's the message you will see if, after a little Google search, you end up on WildCharge's website. The message is kind of self explanatory, but don't bother to look for a scientific FAQ that can satisfy your thirst of knowledge, because the site only contains some vague information regarding the way this device works. But it does work somehow because several live tests around the web have confirmed that. And from what I can tell, this is the only device that can charge your gadgets wirelessly.

From what we can tell, the metallic grid uses some kind of non-inductive technology to pass the current from the strips to device that needs to be charged. The company says that the mass release of the charging device will take place on March, and the larger version for notebooks should be available by June. The charger will have a price tag of $49 and will include one metallic grid. If you need more than one, prepare to be charged an additional $10-$20 depending on the size of the device you want to charge.

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