The Windows Phone 7.8 Update Might Not Come Soon

The launch of Windows Phone 8 appears to be Microsoft’s priority at the moment

On Monday, Microsoft unveiled a great deal of new features that its Windows Phone 8 platform will arrive on shelves with, and also provided info on when the first devices powered by it will hit shelves. However, it said nothing of the Windows Phone 7.8 update for current devices.

Back in June, when it first unveiled Windows Phone 8, the Redmond-based software giant announced that the current generation of Windows Phones, which are powered by the 7.5 flavor of the platform, would not receive an update to WP8.

Instead, these devices will be provided with another OS upgrade, dubbed Windows Phone 7.8 and packing some of the features and capabilities that WP8 will arrive with.

Yesterday, however, the company did not offer additional info on this platform update, nor did it say a word on when users might expect it to hit devices.

According to some of the rumors out there, details on the update should become available in the near future.

Others, however, suggest that we might have to wait quite a while before Microsoft and its partners decide to make the new software available for their users.

According to Chinese site WPDang, for example, Microsoft’s plan is to bring Windows Phone 8 devices to shelves first, and then to release a series of Windows Phone 7.8 handsets.

Only after this has happened will the company make this software update available for those who own Windows Phone 7.5 smartphones at the moment.

This suggests that things might not happen as quickly as users would like them to, yet the update is still said to be en-route to devices.

With Microsoft keeping mum on this for the time being, it still remains to be seen when exactly the new update will start arriving on the various Windows Phone 7.5 handsets out there, so stay tuned for more on this.

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