The Windows Blue Saga: Public Beta, IE11 and More

Here are the latest rumors on Microsoft’s upcoming Blue project

If we are to trust “some” sources familiar with the matter, Microsoft is working on a brand new project called Windows Blue that’s expected to hit the market sometime this summer.

While this isn’t surprising at all, a couple of screenshots are suggesting that Windows Blue may be delivered with a brand new Internet Explorer version, even though the company has recently rolled out IE10 together with Windows 8.

Chinese media reports that Internet Explorer 11 is currently under development and the first version is very likely to see daylight in just a few months as part of the Blue project.

In addition, it seems like Microsoft may actually introduce a preview version of the Blue project, even though it was initially rumored that the company is planning to bring the update to the market without any beta build for its customers.

As far as the release date goes, nobody knows for sure whether Windows Blue will be released to users this summer or later, but some insiders have already confirmed that August is very likely to be the month that will witness the debut of this Windows 8 upgrade.

According to a different report, Windows Blue has recently reached the first of the two development stages, which means that the software is already halfway here.

Last but not least, it appears that the Blue division is working with the Bing team for some major search improvements in the operating system. Blue would use the same search charm as Windows 8, but would greatly improve it in order to help users not only to search for content, but also to access it with just one click.

As usual, Microsoft doesn’t talk about its future projects and the only answer we got was the standard “the company doesn’t comment on upcoming products” statement.

Since Windows Blue is very likely to see daylight this summer, expect the first beta version to emerge in just a couple of months.

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