The Wii U Will Be Targeted to Hardcore Gamers First, Then to Casual Ones

If loyal fans are happy with the console, they'll recommend it to others

The Nintendo Wii U has just been released all over the world in the last few weeks and the Japanese company has now detailed its marketing strategy, which currently focuses on hardcore fans and will soon target more casual gamers who don't know a lot of things about the new device.

The Wii U is now available for purchase almost everywhere around the world, alongside many big games, both retail and downloadable ones that can be bought from stores and the online eShop, respectively.

Nintendo's marketing campaign is currently focusing on making sure its loyal fans are interested in the Wii U and will soon start explaining to more casual consumers just what the Wii U is and how it delivers a bold new experience.

"We definitely do still need to educate people," Nintendo's Shelly Pearce told Eurogamer.

"The key thing is that the controller is the most obvious difference. I think people do find it misleading and we are trying to address that by making it clear Wii U is a new console.

"Our core fans get it but yes, when we talk to a wider audience we're aware we need to continue to communicate that. There will be lots of sampling activity, demo consoles in stores, things like that."

According to Nintendo's James Honeywell, the company is currently focusing on hardcore gamers because, in many cases, they're the sources of information for their friends or family. As such, if they're happy, they're going to recommend the Wii U to others.

"We've sold a huge number of Wii consoles in the UK and that wasn't about going after everyone at once. It was about picking certain audiences and working our way through it," he added.

"If we can get them on board and playing it, taking it home and sharing it with their friends and family then that is very powerful and will help us to expand," he said about hardcore gamers. "It's not about speaking to everyone at the beginning."

The Wii U is out now all around the world and you can expect Nintendo to continue promoting the home console in the future.

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