The Wii U Is Good but Not Great, Fable Creator Says

Peter Molyneux isnt' that excited by the Wii U but has faith in Nintendo

Peter Molyneux, the designer of the Fable series and the man responsible for Black and White or Populous, believes the Nintendo Wii U is a good platform, but it's not exactly a great one as the console doesn't really exceed the experiences already seen in gaming nowadays.

The Wii U was released over the last few weeks and already lots of developers have talked about it, some praising its capabilities and unique features, while others criticized its low-end hardware.

Now, 22 Cans founder and famous games designer Peter Molyneux has talked with GamesIndustry about the new Nintendo home console and how he feels it's a good device.

"I think the Wii U is good, but I don't feel it's great," he said.

"I've played the experience, I've played Nintendo Land, I've played ZombiU, and they're good. I find holding the device in my hand--looking up at the screen and looking down at the device--slightly confusing as a consumer. It's good, but it's not great. And we really need these new pieces of hardware to be great in today's world, because the competition is not just consoles anymore."

The man responsible for Fable or Black and White believes new consoles need to exceed the experiences seen on tablets or other such devices.

"The competition is everything, all the technology. When you're holding a Kindle Fire or an iPad in your hand, it's just amazing technology. It really is. It's expensive, but it's amazing technology. And people like Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft need to match that. They need to match that in my mind, and exceed it. And I'm not sure the Wii U really did that."

Even so, Molyneux praises Nintendo and its offbeat strategies, highlighting just how popular the Wii went on to be even if many didn't believe in it.

"I've got unbelievable respect for Nintendo. They created our industry in a very real sense. I can remember everybody in the industry laughing and giggling about how stupid the Wii was, what a stupid name it was, and who would want motion control. And then it went on to sell what, 60, 70 million copies? It got people who never considered computer games to play them."

Molyneux, as of yet, is focusing the creative powers of his 22 Cans team on other projects for mobile devices, instead of actual dedicated gaming platforms.

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