The WiFi Signal Amplifier

Wi-Fire USB Booster

hField Technologies company claims that it discovered a way to boost wireless Internet signal in those areas that receive a poor quality WiFi service. According to the manufacturing company, the Wi-Fire USB Booster can increase and expand the wireless signal for over 300 meters. The range offered by the signal booster is at least three times bigger than the range offered by the internal adapter of a laptop or a notebook.

In order to increase the incoming WiFi signal strength, the Wi-Fire USB Booster uses a "directional antenna, highly sensitive receiver and proprietary software". Since the device can be used as a signal amplifier as well as a range extender, hField Technologies' Wi-Fire USB Booster can help users achieve a better Internet experience by increasing the available WiFi signal strength and even using multiple hotspots that are not detected using the integrated wireless network card usually integrated into mobile computing solutions.

The Wi-Fire USB Booster needs only a tiny amount of power to function so it will not deplete the laptop's battery and it is packed with all the necessary accessories needed to establish a wireless Internet connection. Enabling the device is as simple as installing the provided driver software, plug the booster into an USB port and starting the proprietary specialized software suite that will help users manage their Internet connection. As it is built for use on the road as well as from locations that offer wireless networking services, the Wi-Fire USB Booster can be placed on just about any flat surface or it can be clipped securely on the side of the notebook's screen.

The proprietary software included, the Wi-Fire Connection Manager, can be used to detect all hotspots on a greater range around the user and in order to start surfing the Web all someone has to do is select the strongest "publicly accessible network (or private network for which you have authorization), rotate the Wi-Fire's 360-degree directional antenna to focus the signal and connect".

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