The Weight Loss LipoContour Pants

An Italian cosmetic surgeon has developed a pair of elastic shorts which he claims help women lose weight without any exercise

An Italian cosmetic surgeon has developed a pair of pants called "LipoContour", which he claims are the answer to all our secret prayers, helping us lose weight without actually going through any of the usual grueling physical exercise routines, relentless dieting or going under the knife and undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures such as liposuction. Professor Marco Gasparotti initially designed the pants to help speed up the recovery of his patients, who had undergone lipocontour treatments - however, he was amazed to discover that the garments actually had a slimming effect of their own.

The elastic pants are specifically designed to fit women's bodies, are sheer white and look somewhat similar to cycle shorts. They have two thin, tight layers of mesh fabric which come to cover problem areas and have a reinforced panel around the stomach, reaching down to the knees. The pants have to be worn for eight hours every day between eight and 12 weeks in order to experience the "micro massage" action that, designers claim, improves blood circulation and helps break down fatty deposits, thus leading to smoother skin and less visible cellulite on the thighs, while the "refine and lift" effect is said to take inches off the hips and thighs, making us slimmer.

The designers also claim that the pants work without exercise, but that they become more effective the more the wearer spends time in the gym and has an overall active life. LipoContour general manager Trisha Juke says that the pants "[work] more effectively the more active you are. A very active person might see a result in four weeks. But it is very suited to someone who has an office job and sits down all day. People get obsessed with food when they go on diets. This is a much easier solution", she claims.

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