The Wall Street Journal Also Attacked by Chinese Hackers [WSJ]

The cybercriminals are after the sources of China-related articles

After The New York Times revealed that it had been targeted by Chinese hackers for the past four months, Dow Jones &Co., the publisher of The Wall Street Journal, also says its computer systems have been infiltrated.

According to The Journal, its computers have been breached by Chinese hackers in an attempt to monitor its coverage on China.

Apparently, the cybercriminals are after the sources of China-related articles. The newspaper reports that some of their sources have been difficult to reach after their personal details have been included in emails.

“Evidence shows that infiltration efforts target the monitoring of the Journal's coverage of China and are not an attempt to gain commercial advantage or to misappropriate customer information,” said Paula Keve, a spokeswoman for Dow Jones.

The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal are not the only ones to be targeted by cybercriminals. Bloomberg has also reported hack attempts, but the publication has claimed that the attackers failed.

On the other hand, they didn’t fail in the case of Reuters last August.

The FBI has been investigating these incidents, considered a matter of national security. Sources close to the investigation have told WSJ that this is most likely the work of a foreign entity which concentrates its efforts on breaching media companies.

In the cyberattacks launched against The New York Times, the attackers compromised the servers of various US universities and Internet service providers (ISPs) and used them to cover their tracks.

The Times says it had antivirus software from Symantec installed on the impacted computers, but the custom malware used by the cybercriminals managed to bypass it. Symantec, on the other hand, argued that organizations which wanted to ensure that they were properly protected against hackers could not rely solely on antivirus software.

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