The Viking Diet: How to Lose Weight Successfully and Keep It Off

New trend is picking up, as Viking diet becomes the new Mediterranean

Not long ago, a new diet was starting to pick up speed with slimmers all over the world: the Jesus diet, which implied that people turned to Jesus to attempt and fill up whatever spiritual “holes” they had that made them overeat. Today, as the Daily Mail informs, an estimation of the upcoming year in diets would say that the Viking diet is going to be huge in 2010.

Nutritionists and health experts have often emphasized the countless benefits of the Mediterranean diet, which is not only healthy but also very efficient in terms of sustainable weight loss. This year, we’re bound to see a change in scenery, in the sense that the Viking diet will become the “new Mediterranean,” as more and more people will be introduced to a different lifestyle, one that places emphasis on getting enough proteins from our meals.

“The Scandinavian ‘Viking’ diet is set to give anyone who preaches the benefits of the Mediterranean diet (fruits and vegetables along with fish, dairy, olive oil and unrefined carbs such as pasta and white bread) plenty of food for thought in 2010. Nutritionists even predict the Viking diet could be to the 21st century what the Mediterranean diet was to the 20th. It focuses on seasonal and local produce, and a balance of protein, carbohydrate and fat,” the Mail writes of the diet that also means eating varied but in controlled portions.

“The Viking diet is recommended by leading obesity expert Professor Arne Astrup. He is head of the department of human nutrition at Copenhagen University, and last year launched a £12.2 million project to develop a ‘new’ Nordic diet. Astrup says obesity levels in Scandinavia are half what they are in the UK, and that protein-rich diets such as the Viking plan are more successful because protein makes us feel fuller for longer,” the publication goes on to explain.

In the UK alone, more and more restaurants serving Nordic food have emerged in recent months, which could be held as clear indication that this new trend of healthier eating is starting to pick up.

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