The Untold Story: Was Designed to “Lead the Web on Every Front”

A Microsoft employee talks about the story behind Microsoft’s new website

The Redmond-based technology giant redesigned its website a few weeks ago, rolling out the same Metro look and feel we’ve seen in other Microsoft products, including Windows 8 and

The story behind this new website is actually quite interesting and Nishant Kothary, a web strategist at Microsoft, revealed some very interesting bits of information in a blog post.

What can be very well considered the key element of the new website is actually the goal it tries to achieve: the home page was created to be a leader on the web on every front, Kothary writes quoting his wife Pita, the newly-appointed Director of Program Manager for the team.

“‘Will you meet with my team and talk to them about modern web design and development?’ asked my wife, Pita, as she walked through our front door one evening. ‘This is an important year for Microsoft. Our home page needs to be a leader on the Web on every front.’” Kothary wrote.

Just like Windows 8, the new website is designed with a multi-device future in mind, the Microsoft official explained. As you probably know by now, Windows 8 is an operating system that will run not only on the traditional PC, but also mobile phones and tablets, so the website seems to try to inherit this feature.

“It's easy to dismiss this project by saying, "It's just a page. Big deal." That would miss the point entirely. It would also be entirely inaccurate. The team built tools, guidelines, and processes to help localize everything from responsive images to responsive content into approximately 100 different markets,” he explained, adding that the new website can be very well considered “innovation in its best form.”

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