The USB Hairbrush, Thanko's Latest Bizarre Gadget

This hairbrush can spray hair with water, making life easier

We've seen many electrical toothbrushes, so we suppose it was only a matter of time before something electronic landed in hairbrushes too.

Given how adamant women tend to be about their hair, we are actually surprised this hasn’t been done before.

Japanese company Thanko has created a hairbrush that has a 15 mL container for holding water.

It has also included a mechanism that uses the energy of an integrated battery to spray water on the hair when combing.

This makes it easier to freshen up in the morning, not to mention reduces the odds of hair tearing.

Also, detangler should be easy enough to add instead of water.

The price of Thanko's USB hairbrush (the USB recharges the battery) is 6,379 Yen, or $78 / 60 Euro, according to exchange rates. The video embedded above has a short introduction for those curious.

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