The US Government Invests Millions in Battery Development

Skeptics believe this should be left to the private industry

Even if there wasn't some sort of prompting on the part of the world's leadership, or the executive bodies of each country, the industry would be looking into better portable energy solutions.

That doesn't mean the latest investment on the US Government's part is a waste though, or at least not everyone feels it is a waste.

While we've seen our share of people confident that the best researchers work in the private sector, we also know of researchers, or individuals acquainted with researchers in the public sector.

But we digress. The topic is that the US Department of Energy (DoE) has started a new research project that will, hopefully, revolutionize battery technology over the next five years.

The goal is to make batteries that are five times better than current ones but priced at a fifth of today's average cost.

$150 million are going into the project (115 million Euro).

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