The UMD Drive Could Return to the PSP Go

Logitech is rumored to be working on a UMD drive add-on

When Sony introduced its new handheld, the company presented it as a step into the future. By abandoning the UMD cartridge and relying solely on the digital distribution of the PlayStation Network, the PSP Go was made even more of a handheld platform by trimming some weight and emphasizing mobility. There were some downsides to this, of course, but this was Sony's final conclusion and it must have been a well-thought one, since it went along with it.

Still, a lot of fans complained about the lack of UMD compatibility, as the major thing that the PSP Go buyers lost was access to their previously purchased games. All the titles collected by fans along the years were rendered useless for the Go, and everything had to be repurchased. But rumors have it that the UMD cartridge may be back for the PSP Go. Apparently, an anonymous source told CVG that Logitech might be working on a UMD drive add-on for the console.

When asked about the possibility, Logitech UK stated that it had no knowledge of such a project, but added that it could be something that the US branch was working on. Of course, when Logitech US will be approached with the question, it'll probably say that it's something it is unaware of as well. The anonymous tipster concluded that, "The only problem is that it'll make the PSP a little bulky." This wouldn't be even close to the only problem, as going back to the old design will most likely frustrate as many PSP Go buyers as those it will please.

The reintroduction of the UMD possibility for Sony's latest handheld would reintroduce all the UMD games back into the console's library and it would make it the best of both worlds, but the price would be most likely very steep. PSP Go buyers have already paid the full price for the console, and a hefty one at that, and now they'd have to once again dig deep in their pockets to pay for a feature that is available in the older, cheaper model.

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