The TV Enabled Sharp 911SH Handset

The handset has been released by SoftBank in Japan.

We all lay our eyes from time to time on things that bring a smile on our face and at the same time a feeling of envy. Most often this happens, at least for me, when discovering that a new mobile thingie is going to be launched somewhere in Asia with looks and features that most of us only dream about. Today, the device that had this effect on me was the Sharp 911SH, a mobile phone that made me think again what mobile TV really means.

The handset I'm writing about has already been launched in Japan on the network of the SoftBank carrier and - from what I know until now - it seems that it's there to stay too; so, if you had any thoughts of getting your hands on it, forget about it. Completely! Why? Because it only works on the network provided by SoftBank for their users and, until they decide to expand in other parts of the world, we just have to accept what we have.

The device offers access to mobile television through a TV tuner and the lucky users that will get their hands on it will be able to watch their favorite channels on a 3 inch AQUOUS LCD TV screen. What is so special about that? Well… this display has a brightness sensor that will auto-adjust the brightness of the screen according to the ambient lighting so the quality of the picture will be the best you can get every time you decide to use it. The same display has 262k colors and is able to rotate 90 degrees to provide a landscape view for the best mobile TV experience possible while on-the-go.

You will also be able to program the 911SH to record your favorite TV shows, in case you don't have time to do it manually or if you just find this manner of operating more easy and satisfactory, and, of course, to store the recorded shows on the microSD card that will go in the card slot provided by Sharp on this device and to make video clips with the help of the integrated 2 megapixel digital camera.

As a final word, I have to warn you that this one may cause TV addiction on a mobile scale, but we are going to be safe because this will only happen to the Japanese (as if they aren't already addicted to TV, games and who knows what other things :D ).

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