The Swedish Pirate Party Is Prepared to Host Wikileaks

If the site should be under pressure from various governments

By now, news of Wikileaks latest exploit has made it around the world. The site was already a target of plenty of governments and corporations. And the Pentagon wasn’t a big fan either. Now, with the over 90,000 documents on the war in Afganistan revealed, there are some fears that the US military will use any trick it can to bring down the site. And an unlikely ally has sprung up to offer support, if needed, the Pirate Party.

The political group which fights for digital freedoms, patent and copyright reform and improved online privacy, has been taking a more hands-on approach lately fighting for the things it stands for. Now it says it is prepared to offer hosting to Wikileaks in the event that its current Swedish provider, PRQ, is pressured into blocking access to the site.

“It would not surprise me at all if Sweden is shortly subjected to American pressure to shut down Wikileaks,” Anna Troberg of the Swedish Pirate Party said. TorrentFreak reports that the Swedish Pirate Party has came forward and expressed its support for the site.

Wikileaks is hosted by a number of servers around the world and the mostly anonymous team takes great precautions in ensuring that the site is not vulnerable to these kinds of attacks. The exact details of its hosting aren’t known, for good reason, but one, apparently significant, provider, is PQR, a company belonging to Gottfrid Svartholm and Fredrik Neij, the two founders of the Pirate Bay.

As you can imagine, Wikileaks is pretty safe with PQR, but if things should change, the Pirate Party is ready to offer an alternative. The Party already provides the Pirate Bay with bandwidth and is even launching its own Pirate ISP for regular users.

“The Pirate Party will under no circumstances give in to pressure,” says Troberg. “We now help democracy activists in Iran, including communication via anonymous servers. We provide bandwidth to our greatest political opinion leaders, The Pirate Bay. If Wikileaks is attacked again, we will immediately offer them both server space and bandwidth.”

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