The Surface Nightmare: Keyboard Breaks Down, Microsoft Logo Rubs Off

More consumers contact Microsoft to replace their tablets

Microsoft’s Surface is still selling like hot cakes, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best tablet on the market.

It appears that the recent Touch Cover sound muting bug is not the only problem of the Surface tablet, as plenty of consumers are heading over to dedicated forums to discuss about more and more defects.

One of the most serious issues is concerning the keyboard, which is apparently peeling at the top seam where it connects to the tablet device. The top layer has come loose, so it’s pretty easy to remove it by mistake, one user said on the Surface Forums.

What’s more, it appears that the Microsoft logo on the back of the tablet is rubbing off and, as far users are concerned, there’s absolutely no way to prevent or repair this.

“Right in the middle on the seam it tore open, and pretty quickly too. I'm gonna exchange it this weekend. On another note, that Microsoft logo on the back is certainly not etched or painted on very well. Mine is already rubbing off. Those two things, combined with the crappy sticker on the charger, make me wonder about the fit and finish,” one of the users wrote.

The interesting side of the story is that the Microsoft staff at official stores across the world is quickly replacing the devices, without too many questions.

One user explains that the entire process took less than two minutes and, although Microsoft’s employees admitted they hadn’t seen such a damaged keyboard before, they replaced it in no time.

Of course, we’re yet to hear from Microsoft on all these bugs and the company is still looking into ways to fix the previously spotted software issue that unexpectedly mutes the sound when using the cover.

Let’s just hope that Microsoft will find a quick way to deal with all these complaints.

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