The Strongest Sex Pill

A one-pill solution to sexual disfunction

Have you ever asked yourself why you like to be the best stud in the herd?

Because we all have a hunger for power: sexual power, social power, financial power and so on. To increase this sexual power or at least to ease it, people used aphrodisiacs, compounds supposed to increase sex drive and potency. Some aphrodisiacs are pure bullshit, like rhino horns and tiger penises, which are ingested just because these beasts are a symbol for power.

In fact, ingesting rhino horns is like chewing your nail, they are just keratin. Eating tiger penises is like eating your own penis. And the penis bone of the feline is just like your finger bones. Unfortunately, chasing these species for these so-called aphrodisiacs brought the species to the edge of extinction.

Other natural aphrodisiacs can be more efficient: a bar of chocolate, arginine, Zinc, oysters, Bremelanotide, Ginkgo, Kava Kava, Asian Ginseng, Yohimbine (the alkaloid derived from yohimbe bark) or oat extract. They usually enhance sexuality filling/supplementing nutritional gaps, being exciting/inhibiting compounds or improving circulation. For example, zinc is implied in libido, and a low zinc level is balanced by eating zinc-rich oysters.

Since the beginning of time, herbalists, hucksters, scientists and alchemists have sought the ultimate certain aphrodisiac. A new non-prescription, all-natural sexual enhancement pill is claiming to be the world's strongest sex pill. Sexpearience is Maximum Nutrients' first all-natural sexual enhancement product, being safe to use with no harmful side effects. It has been developed for over 3 years with extracts far more powerful than ever available.

The Sexpearience is a one-pill solution claimed to increase stamina, libido and desire in both men and women, and is a one-pill sexual stimulant solution made from "a special blend of natural herbs and extracts."

Sexpearience redefines male performance with the most powerful formula available without a prescription. "This is truly the next generation in virility enhancing products," said Bob Serulla, President of Maximum Nutrients. The product has been proven to be extremely effective in the prevention of premature ejaculation, poor or infrequent erections, libido loss (from medications, age, stress, diet etc.) and many other derogating male sexual health conditions. "We have worked diligently to formulate and test this product, and are very excited to now offer it to the public," said Serulla.

"We have seen an enormous need for an all-natural alternative. Now men of all ages can safely and naturally renew their sexual vitality without resorting to dangerous surgery or expensive prescription drugs."

Users have to take one pill three hours prior to sexual activity.

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