The Steam for Linux Client Receives a Major Update

This is actually a collection of a few previous Beta releases

Valve has launched a new stable version for its Steam for Linux client featuring a slew of new features and a lot of fixes and improvements.

When a development version garners sufficient changes, Valve promotes it to stable, and the work for the next beta starts almost immediately.

In the case of this stable release, the current version made available by Valve incorporates a large number of changes, from several prior Beta releases.

Highlights of the latest Steam for Linux update:

• A crash that occurred when launching games from Steam that created their GL context in global constructors has been fixed;

• The correct check box images are now used in the HTML control;

• The "caps lock" password entry warning is now enabled in the login panel;

• A crash that occurred when rapidly moving in and out of the Daisy Wheel control has been fixed;

• Better support for large paths has been integrated when installing games;

• The applications now waits for 1 second after the user has connected a controller, before accepting a button down event for the guide button;

• When the user is enabling SteamGuard, this functionality will only enforce the minimum length on machine name, if the user has changed it from the default value;

• An occasional download issue that was caused due to pipelining of downloads and having an intermediate piece fail has been fixed;

• The applications now installs the missing base app when starting a mod;

• A few missing localization strings in the left games list part of the UI have been corrected;

• A number of Mac OS X fixes and improvements have been implemented.

More details can be found in the official announcement.

Download the Steam for Linux installer from Softpedia. In order to get the latest update, users just have to start the application and make sure they’re not enrolled in the Beta program.

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