The Sims 3 Will Get Three Expansions During 2013

Gamers will get to experience university life and travel to a tropical island

Video game publisher Electronic Arts says that it has big plans for The Sims franchise during 2013, with three core expansions and other smaller updates set to be delivered to gamers who are playing the third full installment in the series.

The main additions to the game will be offered through the The Sims 3 University Life and The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Packs.

The team working on the game also has plans for an yet untitled expansion for later in the year and a number of stuff packs will also be introduced, with the first one allowing players to use items linked to the ‘70s, the ‘80s and the ‘90s.

Electronic Arts will also continue to monitor the game experience and deliver patches in order to make sure that all elements of the game work well together.

Scott Evans, the general manager of The Sims Studio at Electronic Arts, stated when the announcement was made that, “With the release of three new expansion packs, a new stuff pack, and premium content through The Sims 3 Store, we are looking forward to seeing what our players create and share online with so many great options.”

He added, “We are dedicated to building quality games with unique themes and exciting new content for The Sims 3 that add tremendous depth to The Sims 3 gameplay experience.”

The Sims 3 University Life is designed to give players a chance to learn new things while also exploring the social side of higher education.

The expansion will include social groups, keggers, protests and new mechanics for romantic options.

The official launch date is set for March.

The Sims 3 Island Paradise is adventure-themed and will see characters explore a tropical world and engage in new activities like snorkeling and scuba diving, while also managing their customized boathouses.

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