The Sex-Toy Mouse Makes You Love Your Computer Even More

It is the first step towards the much-hyped sex revolution

Computers play an important role in our lives, and they need as much love and attention as humans. Well, it seems like performing regular maintenance tasks and removing spyware is a thing of the past. That is why a group of enthusiasts set up a project aimed at literally loving computers even more.

The Interactive Fleshlight (no typo here, it's a regular flashlight for carnal use) was born out of the project and adds a new definition to the existing Human Interface Device. The gadget is allegedly able to let male users interact with their applications using a more "delicate" limb. Of course, the interaction capabilities are extremely limited, but who cares, since you can compensate the loss of productivity with so much fun.

The unit is comprised of a top cap replacement for an average flashlight, a rubber tube and a control unit hosting the delicate circuitry as well as the USB patch-cord connector. The plastic case with latex inserts is the main "attraction" and is covered by plastic endcaps that come off. While the first plastic cap has an obvious use, the second one can be adjusted to control the inner pressure.

The beige box hosts the a PIC 16C745 microcontroller, which processes the signals received from the built-in air pressure sensor. The electric impulses are forwarded to the USB port, then interpreted by the operating system as average mouse commands. The computer can sense and give feedback to the users' "input" commands, and respond accordingly.

The PIC16C745 controller comes with built-in USB capabilities, and is perfectly suitable for a Human Interface Device (HID). It can support multiple-axis controllers, like joysticks and advanced mice, and translate their inputs into signals that can be understood by the operating system. The Interactive Fleshlight registers itself as a USB HID single axis mouse, that takes control over the mouse's pointer when it is used.

Shortly put, the Fleshlight can be regarded as a fully-fledged mouse, that lets users even play some nasty sexual games, bundled with the device. You can already order the whole gadget from one of the IT sex-toy resellers for as much as $100.

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