The Selfie Olympics Have Taken Over the World

Hilarious bathroom self-taken shots have reached a new level of viral

The battle of the selfie has begun. The Olympic Games are nothing compared with the worldwide trend of the Selfie Olympics. Sochi 2014 is already old news, as the Twitter hashtag has taken over the social media accompanied by the most hilarious photos ever seen.

The Twitterverse has been taken over by the most creative, hilarious, applause-worthy photos as people from across the globe are on the mission of creating the world's best selfie. 2014 started with the major trend of the creative and hilarious mirror-self-taken photo.

Participants are posting elaborate scenes of weirdness and creativity, for strangers to judge, and win this year's most important award – The world's best selfie. So far, the photos that made it into the top have gathered millions of views and even more laughter as the posers strive to take the most epic photo.

From the pictures, two major trends can be noticed, the first includes incredible athletic skills in order to climb or cling on doors and the second implies cramming some of the most hilarious items in the bathroom, recreating a unique and hilarious scene and snapping a selfie.

The amount of photos entering the competition is astonishing and even if most of them are incredibly funny, just the most outrageous ones make it to the top. Take a look at some of the front-runners in this year's Selfie Olympics.


The Selfie Olympics (8 Images)

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