The Secret World Gets Mayan Apocalypse Alternate Reality Game

Players will be able to get unique items to use in the MMO

The development team at Funcom is launching an Alternate Reality game linked to its MMO The Secret World, which tackles the Mayan Apocalypse that is scheduled to hit Earth on December 21.

The official description from the developers reads: “Mankind has been warned. On December 21 there will be a cataclysmic event that marks the end of time as we know it. It is time to prepare.”

The new AR game is set to combine the real world and events in The Secret World and all those involved will apparently have a chance to survive when the Mesoamerican Long Count ends on December 21, which some believe will end the world as we known it.

Funcom adds, “Individuals and companies that may seem to be part of the real world are actually actors who have adapted according to a storyline that only you are aware of. Part narrative and part interactive, the ARG happens in real time and will interact with you via the channel of your choice.”

The team is not saying exactly what the objective of the AR game will be, but all those intrigued by the details can sign up on the official website.

Those who join can recruit friends for the same experience and listen to the sound file which probably offers the first clues to the kind of experience that Funcom is preparing for the Alternate Reality.

Gamers taking part will be able to unlock Secret Worlds rewards, including an exclusive Monk outfit, potions that offer experience, an end of days outfit and an invitation to a MMO event, which celebrates December 21.

MMOs traditionally introduce Christmas-themed events every year and it seems that Funcom is eager to make The Secret World stand out of the crowd using the December 21 theme.

The game performed worse than expected on launch, but is still being supported with new content every month.

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