The Rotary Phone iPhone Dock, Modding to the Max

Antique meets iPhone

One thing is certain: there is little limit to where modding can go, especially if we're talking serious modders with a real attitude. And when mixing modern gear with antique items is taken into consideration, great things are bound to happen. It's the case of the Rotary Phone iPhone Dock, a piece of gadgetry that is as simple as it is strikingly pleasant to the eye and mind.


M Booth from fonejackerhacker has succeeded in creating a stunning iPod/iPhone docking station that's well worthy of complementing the most exquisite of decors.


Basically, this gadget is the result of clashing the 40's technology with one of the most advanced multimedia/communication gadgets of our days. The rotary dial phone dates from 1940 and is a classic piece you've seen in tons of movies; and it's on telephones like this one your grandfather used to speak to your grandmother. Pretty much everything from the inner wiring and electronics of the telephone has been eliminated, leaving enough space for a small amplifier and a subwoofer neatly hidden behind the very dial, pumping out as much as 10W for a hefty and punchy sonic response.


The fork has also received some modifications so that an iPhone cradle could be fitted in; an IR sensor was mounted in the fork and it controls the on/off functions of the whole gadget. You put the receiver down, the dock gets a power off command; all you have to do to get it to work is pick up the receiver. There are two drivers loaded in said receiver and they will deliver a 2 x 3W power, summing up with the woofer for a no-nonsense 16W max, well enough to rock your room.


You also get a 3.5 mm jack and removable power cable, while the traditional charging function of iPod dock is also present in the Rotary Phone iPhone Dock – you can actually charge your gadget while enjoying your fav tracks. As M Booth himself declares, the whole modding operation took around 7 hours and pretty much anyone with minimal engineering and crafting skills could mod an old phone into some similar gadget. We totally dig the antique phone dock! More info here.

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