The Rock Is WWE Champion After Winning at Royal Rumble – Video

Dwayne Johnson defeats CM Punk, not all fans are happy

Seeing how many things Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has on his plate, it’s almost hard to keep up with him, let alone try to figure out when he has the time to do them all. Well, he’s just added another notch on his belt.

His WWE champion belt, that is.

At last night’s Royal Rumble Pay-Per-View, The Rock brought down champion CM Punk and stripped him of his title.

A confrontation with John Cena might be in the cards next, word has it, presumably at WrestleMania 29, when Cena is likely to challenge him for the title.

In the meantime, The Rock gets to enjoy his win even if not all his fans are doing the same. Many support him as an actor but aren’t ok with him back in wrestling just like that: he just shows up and wins, where CM Punk was there all the time, working for the title.

Above is a (rather poor-quality) video of the confrontation. Enjoy! You know, if you’re into this kind of thing.

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