The Retro iPod Alarm Clock

Made-for-iPod funny clock

The iPods sell in hundreds of millions, but the “made-for-iPod” is definitely going to rule and inherit the Earth. iPod-themed gadgets are to be found anywhere, and we doubt there is a single person on the face of the planet who is looking for some gadget and nobody has manufactured its special “for iPod” version. Moreover, if you think you've seen pretty much everything in this area, look again: the Retro iPod Alarm Clock is a piece of time-keeping machinery that's been designed to serve as both clock and iPod dock.

If you're an individual who's always searching for the most futuristic designs, you should look away, as this iPod Alarm Clock is as retro as it gets, coming in happy purple/white or white/white color schemes, with all the 70's-approved rounded shapes and edges that could bring back Elvis.

The Retro iPod Alarm Clock doubles as an iPod docking station that will not only let you play your fav songs from the Apple player, but also have it recharged during the performance. You get omni-directional built-in speakers that will help your tunes reach in every corner of the room, and a classic, as-retro-as-possible rotary volume dial.

You'll surely enjoy its 9-minute snooze function, which will grant you some more nap time. Just don't abuse it, or else you'll be late for work... again. The AC adapter is included in the box, but, unfortunately, there is no word on battery backup power, so a night power outage could reset your nifty alarm device.

While this clock is not compatible with the new Nano Chromatic G4, Classic, or iTouch iPods, it will perfectly accommodate iPod Nano and Nano 2nd Gen, Mini and Classic, Ipod Nano G3 (Generation 3), Classic and Touch Series. No video output support is offered, and no one knows what the next gen will bring. The Retro iPod Alarm Clock is now available for around $60. Not the cheapest product of its type out there, but worth each penny if you're into retro gadgets.

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