The Reason Why Windows 8 Is Unsuccessful: Everyone Likes Windows 7 – Analyst

Users are pleased with Windows 7, so they see no reason to upgrade, expert believes

Windows 7 continues to be the number one operating system in the entire world, even though the latest figures released by several research firms indicate that Windows 8 is increasing its market share too.

And still, everybody’s talking about a potential disappointing early uptake for Windows 8, with the lack of a Start button and the many UI changes cited as the main reasons.

Forrester analyst David Johnson thinks that many consumers choose to stay away from Windows 8 because Windows 7 already brings all the features they need, so starting the transition to a new platform would only lead to additional costs.

“Everyone seems to like Windows 7. Windows 8 is still perceived as complex, as requiring user training and app redevelopment,” he said in a statement for InformationWeek.

Microsoft seems to be well aware of the fact that most users who need to upgrade will actually pick Windows 7 instead of Windows 8.

Peter Klein, the company’s CFO, said in a statement at the Goldman Sachs technology conference that many Windows XP users would dump the 11-year-old software at some point, but Windows 7 is very likely to be their choice.

Microsoft executives and officials of several others companies that are betting big on Windows 8 explain that the new operating system actually needs some time to excite, as users are still afraid to give a shot to the new user interface.

“It’s a brand-new market for us. Windows 8 is a dramatically different user experience, and it takes time for people to learn about it. Microsoft, I think in hindsight, would probably admit that it could’ve done a better job of introducing it. But all in all, we’re putting touch on every single one of our products. So we’re definitely all in on Windows 8,” Rob Kermode, Vizio’s director of product and development for computing and mobility, said.

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