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Hurbo PSP

For those of you who think the much-rumored PSP mobile phone does not exist in reality, it does. It's just that it is not manufactured by Sony Ericsson, as it should have been, but by some Chinese producer who named the device Hurbo PSP. Probably wanting to sound like "Turbo", the real-fake PSP phone doesn't look bad and with more attention to details it could have actually passed as a device made by Sony Ericsson.

As you can see from the available images, the Hurbo PSP features a dual-sliding design and it unveils both an alphanumeric keypad and a gaming pad - exactly like the PSP phone that Sony Ericsson is rumored to work on. When not slid, the Chinese PSP measures 100 x 46 x 18 millimeters and weighs 102 grams - not much for a handset that works both as a phone and as a mini-console for games.

If we look at the specs the Hurbo PSP apparently has, we have to admit they're not bad either. The handset offers a 2.8 inch display with 240 x 400 pixels and 16 million colors, NES emulator, allowing users to play Nintendo games (although this is surely not approved by Nintendo), Video player with support for AVI, MP4 and 3GP, Music player, FM radio, USB port and microSD card slot for boosting the internal (unknown) memory. It seems that the phone only supports dual-band connectivity, which is not at all something to be proud of.

Unfortunately for those who might be interested in the Hurbo PSP, we don't have details about where exactly it can be bought from, nor about how much it costs.

All in all, the Hurbo PSP is a pretty nice fake handset (if fake devices can be categorized as nice) and we hope the real PSP phone will be at least twice as good as this. If Sony Ericsson ever decides to make one, of course.


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