The Printer Frenzy Goes On: Lexmark Also Launches Six New Models (Including 3 Wireless)!

Three wireless all-in-ones, 2 wired AOIs and one wireless printer

Thought that Canon's the only one crazy enough to launch a huge line-up of products targeting a specific area of the consumer electronics' market, all at one time? Well, it seems that it's becoming somewhat of a trend among manufacturers to launch a whole new line of products (or a large number of products from several lines) in one swoop, because that's exactly what Lexmark did when it announced the launch of no less than six printing solutions, divided into 3 groups.

Tree wireless AOIs (all-in-ones)

The first group of products is represented by the X6570, X7550, X4850, three wireless all-in-one (AIO) printers targeting small office/home office (SOHO) users and combining the flexibility of wireless connectivity with the efficiency of automatic two-sided printing in order to provide complete and comprehensive office solutions.

All the three wireless all-in-ones provide some very useful printing and scanning features, including here automatic two-sided printing, a color LCD for easy stand-alone printing (2 out of three models), scanning, copying and faxing, photo media card slots and a PictBridge port for easy access to photos, borderless photo printing capabilities, as well as the Imaging Studio software, which makes it easy to crop, rotate and resize photos, plus one-touch color fix and red eye reduction.

However, each of the three devices has its particular features. Thus, the mid-range X6570 model provides print speeds of up to 28 pages per minute (ppm) black and 24 ppm color, provides certain photo capabilities, such as scan-back photo proof sheet and optional six-color printing and also comes packed with a 25-page ADF (automatic document feeder).

The Lexmark X4850, on the other hand, provides the same basic features as the X6570, but is more photo-oriented, which means that it does sport a 2.4-inch color LCD display for viewing and editing photos, supports two-sided printing and also allows users to scan and access media cards wirelessly.

Finally, the X7550 model is the top-range version of the three wireless AOIs, so it provides the same features as the two previous models (including the 2.4-inch LCD), but also a little extra, namely an increased printing speed, of up to 30 ppm black and 27 ppm color.

Two wired AOIs

The second group of products announced by Lexmark is represented by the X5070 and X5495 wired all-in-one solutions, also aimed mostly at the home office users. Thus, the Lexmark X5070 sports a sheet-fed design, built in handset and print speeds of up to 24 ppm in black and 17 ppm in color, as well as PictBridge support and a 30-page automatic document feeder.

The X5495 model also provides printing, flatbed scanning, copying and faxing, as well as card slots and a PictBridge port for simplified photo printing. Moreover, it can attain print speeds of up to 25 ppm black and 18 ppm color with a 15-page automatic document feeder.

One wireless printer

The third group of products from Lexmark actually includes just 1 item, namely the Z1520 Wireless Color Printer, aimed at those users who want a robust single-function wireless printer, capable of printing or accessing media card slots wirelessly, with print speeds of up to 30 ppm black and 27 ppm color.

All the six devices presented above are available as of now, and have some pretty decent prices as well, since the X6570 and X4850 retail for around 150 US dollars, the X7550 for $200, the Z1520 for 130, while the X5070 and X5495 for 89 and 99 US dollars, respectively. Unfortunately, Lexmark is doing some updating on their site as we speak, so we'll have to provide photos for the other products at a later date.

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