The Prices of the ATI X1xx Cards

Revealed by Hexus

The news about ATI's new lineup of video cards is anxiously expected by gamers and hardware enthusiasts; managed to publish for the first time what might be the retailing prices for these models.

If we are to believe's information, then for an ATI X1xx video card, the users will be able to pay a price ranging from $99 to $549.

Obviously, the last figure is for the high-end model, X1800 XT, fitted with 512 MB of RAM. The 256 MB version of this price will be $50 cheaper, while the X1800 XL with 256 MB of RAM will have a price tag of $449.

The X1600XT models will cost $ 249 (the 256 MB version) and $199 for the 128 MB version respectively. The ATI X1600 Pro cards will cost $199 and $149 respectively, and the X1300 models will range from $99 to $149.

The prices are pretty high compared to the Nvidia's.

A GeForce 7800 GTX card is about $460 and a 7800 GT card costs $360.

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