The “Pinocchio Effect” Scientifically Proved: Our Nose Temperature Rises as We Lie

Termography reveals our body temperature changes according to the emotions we experience

Scientists have revealed that the “Pinocchio Effect” is not just a childhood myth meant to frighten little liars; it actually has a scientific explanation, only that it involves the temperature of the nose, not its size.

Based on thermography techniques, a study led by a group of researchers at the University of Granada shows that when an individual lies, the temperature around his nose and in the orbital muscle rises.

The phenomenon is caused by the activation of the “insula,” a brain particle contributing to the body temperature's adjustment which activates only in when we sense real emotions.

It has also been proven that an intense mental effort determines the face's temperature to lower, while emotions such as concern and anxiety makes it rise, EurekAlert reports.

Termography, a technique consisting in body temperature analysis, contributing to other important discoveries, such as the fact that the physical excitement is identical in men and women, contrary to the common belief that the desire is greater when it comes to men.

It seems like our body forces the truth to come to light anyways.

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