The Olsens Release Line of $55,000 (€42,077.8) Handbags

Limited collection is expected to sell out the instant it becomes available

The Olsen twins have released another line of luxury handbags as part of their house The Row. Priced at a whopping $55,000 (€42,077.8), each item from the limited collection is expected to sell almost the same instant it becomes available.

Too Fab reports that only 12 such items will be made and released to the public, which somehow (but only barely so) explains for the outrageous price tag.

Nevertheless, neither Olsen designer is a stranger to ridiculously priced accessories, as we also reported on at least two separate occasions.

With all that, their designs, be they clothing or accessories, are selling like hot cakes, which, in turn, is boosting the Olsens’ profile as designers.

“Starting December 12, nine limited edition handbags from the Olsens' fashion line The Row will go on sale online and they'll all cost you more than a pretty penny,” Too Fab writes, playing Captain Obvious for a change.

“The bags, created by artist Damien Hirst, are covered in prescription pills and made from black patent leather Nile crocodile skin. Only 12 of each bag will be made,” the same media outlet reports.

“And while the price is INSANE, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to UNICEF. No word on how much, exactly,” adds the e-zine.

Considering the fact that all bags are “decorated” with pills, some controversy is already surrounding the release, with voices online saying that the gesture might be interpreted as a glamorization of drug use.

The aforementioned media outlet even underlines that there’s certain cynicism to the release, considering that the Olsens’ good friend, actor Heath Ledger, died because of an accidental overdose of prescription pills, so they should know better than to court controversy like that.

The Olsens’ The Row also includes a $39,000 (€29,837) backpack and a $17,000 (€13,005) fur backpack.

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