The Number of Windows 8 Apps Has Doubled Since Launch – Microsoft

The Redmond-based software giant claims that Windows 8 is growing at a fairly fast pace

Tami Reller, head of the Windows business division, announced earlier today that Microsoft has managed to sell a total of 40 million Windows 8 copies so far, emphasizing that this new operating system is actually a very successful product.

In addition, Brandon LeBlanc of Microsoft has also revealed some very interesting info about the brand new Windows Store as the number of available Windows 8 apps is growing every day.

“The launch of Windows 8 at the end of October also saw the grand opening of the Windows Store. There were more apps in the Windows Store at launch than any other app store at their launch and since then, the number of apps in the Windows Store has doubled,” LeBlanc explained.

What’s more, it appears that revenues of some specific Windows 8 apps have exceeded $25,000 (€19,300), as early Windows 8 adopters choose to purchase their favorite applications available in the Store.

“A number of apps in the Windows Store have crossed the $25,000 revenue mark and the developer keeps 80% of the revenue they make off downloads for the life of their app. A lot of great new apps have been added to the Windows Store since launch,” LeBlanc continued.

According to WinAppUpdate, there are more than 20,000 apps in the Store right now, most of them free, with several hundreds of new tools submitted every day.

Microsoft is a bit more optimistic when it comes to the number of apps to be available for Windows 8 users, as the company hopes to get around 100,000 apps in the Store by February 2013.

While this could sound fairly impossible, Microsoft executives claim that more and more developers are attracted by the new Windows 8 platform, so the number of Modern apps is likely to grow as the operating system increases its sales all over the globe.

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