The Number One PC Manufacturer in the World

And the winner is...

For the prize of the biggest PC manufacturer in the world, there is an ongoing struggle between Dell, HP, Lenovo, IBM, just to name a few. Winning in such an "event" is a great achievement, because, for one, it means that you have sold the biggest number of PCs in the world, and it also represents that you are the top dog. After months of deliberating, the numbers are in, the votes are all valid, and, drums roll please, the winner is: HP.

According to results from IDC concerning the first quarter of 2007 PC sales, HP has taken the lead of the market with a 3.9 percentage lead from the next competitor, giving them 19.1 percent of the share market. The Constant Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) has shown a 28.2 percent year-over-year increase, more than twice of the expected overall worldwide PC market for that period.

Todd Bradley, executive vice president, Personal Systems Group, HP said: "HP's focus on delivering the best customer experience while optimizing its business model, targeting specific segments and delivering innovation that matters is driving global growth and market share gain. HP is addressing the needs of consumers, small and midsize businesses and enterprise customers with the industry's broadest portfolio of products available through the purchase channels of their choice."

It's interesting that their increase came sometime after they had purchased VooDoo PC, and it wasn't mentioned their luck was in any way aided by the merger of the two companies. HP has taken the same choice as Dell did with Alienware, having now two types of computers, the business solutions, and the gaming solution. Both VooDoo PC and Alienware have manufactured custom-built PCs, featuring both high-performance components, and a sleek look and stylish design. VooDoo PC also gave their buyers the chance of custom painting their PCs or notebooks with a drawing from a pre-defined set of options.

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