“The Next Oprah” Lays It All Out in the Open for New PETA Ad

48-year-old Wendy Williams would rather wear nothing than wear fur

48-year-old Wendy Williams, often referred to as “the next Oprah” intends to lay it all out in the open for PETA.

Thus, this daytime talk show host agreed to star in a new anti-fur campaign put together by said green-oriented organization.

Since the message both Wendy Williams and PETA are trying to get across is that it is best to wear nothing rather than wear fur, it seems that the celebrity will wear nothing while posing for this new anti-animal cruelty project.

“PETA's legendary campaign has turned a lot of heads and changes a lot of minds – including mine. I, like many people, was unaware of how animals lived and died for their fur, and I wore it without thinking much about it, until PETA came along,” Wendy Williams said.

“I am thrilled to star in PETA's next naked campaign,” the celebrity went on to add.

The ad is expected to hit the public eye next week, so stay tuned for more info.

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