The Next Google Nexus Might Look Like This – Concept

Google could launch better, more appealing Nexus handsets next year

Google’s series of Nexus smartphones has already proved highly popular around the world, and it might continue to do so if great devices are added to it.

In fact, previous rumors have already suggested that some great new devices are en-route to the market with the Nexus mark on them, some even this year.

Next year could also bring along a series of such smartphones, even if nothing was made official on the matter for the time being.

Of course, we have no idea what these new devices could pack in terms of hardware specifications or software, though that does not prevent enthusiasts from dreaming of them.

One of them, Bob Freking, even came up with a sort of teaser for the device, proposing a possible outer-design that would be somehow similar with the one present on today’s Galaxy Nexus.

However, the designer does not offer info on what the phone could pack inside and he asks users to imagine what it could include.

Being a 2013 Google Nexus smartphone, the new phone could easily pack inside a quad-core application processor; the same as the latest high-end smartphones do today, and might be powered by the upcoming flavor of Android, supposedly called Key Lime Pie.

The form factor of this phone could easily move away from the candybar design on current Nexus devices, and Google and its manufacturing partner might also consider a slimmer body for this product, that’s for sure.

In all fairness, these are only our ideas on the device, and they might be different from yours. If you find the concept device interesting, drop a comment below to let us know that you would like to see inside of it.

Both hardware and software suggestions are welcome and you should not necessarily keep things close to reality. After all, it is a device you are dreaming of to land one day in your hand.

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