The New Midori 0.5.6 Internet Browser Will Take You by Surprise

A new version of this Internet browser is now available for download

Midori, a lightweight web browser that features full integration with GTK+ and fast rendering with WebKit, is now at version 0.5.6.

The new and improved Midori 0.5.6 has been released with many bells and whistles. The developers don't usually have big jumps in terms of quality and features, but the current version release is quite a surprise.

“Our new session management nicknamed tabby need a little bit more polish so we decided to go for a double length release cycle. This is a proper rewrite of the tab loading at startup and for the first time fully aware of multiple windows, able to load most recently used websites first and smart enough to not block GUI updates.”

“If that’s not impressive enough it designed to get a sync backend and session management GUI is already work in progress, though it’s not ready for the spot light yet,” said the developers in the official announcement.

Highlights of Midori 0.5.6:

• The speed dial or homepage is now opening according to preferences;

• A tab duplication issue has been resolved;

• A copyright note has been added to the appdata file;

• A NULL-check has been swapped with the main frame check;

• The correct signal is now transmitted when clearing the trash;

• The WEbGL preference is now hidden when it is unavailable;

• All the stored popup sessions have been removed from the database;

• Unused preference dialog and related code have been removed;

• Building Midori on Ubuntu 12.04 is now working properly;

• Various compiler warnings in the current trunk have been corrected;

• Tab sorting has been added;

A complete changelog with all the fixes and new features can be found inside the source archive. Download Midori 0.5.6 right now from Softpedia.

Despite the numbering used in the version by the developers, the browser is quite stable.

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