The New Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) Logo

Microsoft has offered a glimpse of the new logo for the next major iteration of Internet Explorer.

Featured in the image on the left is one detail of the new visual identity of Internet Explorer 9, which has yet to be revealed to the public.

The new IE9 logo was unveiled along with the Redmond company’s heads-up for the upcoming launch event for the Beta development milestone.

In fact, users can head over to the new Beauty of the Web website, an online destination set up for the guests invited to the event in San Francisco on September 15th to R.S.V.P. to their invitations.

The new IE9 logo is easy to spot on the Beauty of the Web site, right above the promise that the successor of Internet Explorer 8 will unlock the native web, a hint to the powerful new hardware acceleration capabilities of IE9.

Obviously, the new logo has been redesigned both in comparison to IE8 and to the temporary logo that the software giant used for the four Platform Preview releases of IE9 delivered since March 2010.

The revamped logo brings to mind the azure nuances in, well, Windows Azure, quite different from the more darker shades of blue used.

Definitely closer to cyan, the color theme for the new logo is quite light compared to its predecessor.

At the same time, the gradients used in the “e” for the logo are more subtle, with nuances blending gently into one another. The IE8 logo featured a higher contrast, and appeared to be stronger.

But at the same time, the yellow ribbon of the IE9 logo is one element with enhanced contrast, now sporting a stronger orange nuance.

Users should expect the new IE9 Beta to come with the new logo. According to the Redmond company, IE9 will hit Beta next month, with the official launch event for the Build set for September 15th.

Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) Platform Preview 4 is available for download here.

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