The New Google+ Sign-In Makes It Trivial to Register for Mobile and Web Apps

The new system also comes with two-step authentication

The Google+ platform has been "coming soon" ever since Google+ was revealed. While Google has introduced a couple of tools, it's still far from what developers need.

Now though, another major piece of the puzzle is being introduced, Google+ Sign-In, which, unsurprisingly, will allow users to sign into apps or websites with their Google+ credentials.

That may sound a bit strange at first, since Google+ uses Google account data and a Google sign-in option has been around for ages.

The difference is that Google+ Sign-In also brings your Google+ profile info into the mix, something that could prove a powerful addition.

But Google is not positioning Google+ Sign-In as an alternative to the current option, it's positioning as a replacement, though the current system will remain in place.

"If you sign in to Gmail, YouTube or any other Google service, you can now use your existing credentials to sign in to apps outside of Google," Google explained.

"Just review the Google+ permissions screen (outlining the data you're sharing with the app, and the people who can see your activity), and you're all set," it added.

With Google+ Sign-In, you won't have to register for new sites or apps, you can use your existing identity. Identity has been the major driving point behind building Google+ in the first place.

Google+ Sign-In also supports two-factor authentication and uses OAuth 2.0, so signing up and logging into third-party sites and apps will be as safe as using Google's authentication system.

Google is also making it possible to install mobile apps from the official websites with just one click and to share your app activities on Google+.

"Many developers offer web and mobile versions of their app, yet setting things up across a browser, phone and tablet is still a major hassle. Starting today, when you sign in to a website with Google, you can install its mobile app on your Android device with a single click," Google wrote.

This is already possible via the Play Store website, but now Google is making it possible to install apps from third-party websites. It's no secret that Google is gunning for Facebook Connect with Google+ Sing-In.

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