The New Evernote 5 for Mac Is Awesome

“Redesigned with over 100 new features to be more beautiful, flexible, and powerful”

Redesigned to be stunningly attractive as well as more powerful and intuitive, the brand spanking new Evernote 5 for Mac is coming out next week as a beta that avid fans will certainly love to test out, according to its makers.

Indeed, Evernote 5 does look like a major leg up for the popular note-taking application that made its debut a few years back on Mac OS X.

The app’s left sidebar has been completely revamped and simplified, allowing users to store shortcuts, recent notes, notebooks and tags. It’s going to be a dream come true for existing users, according to the Evernote team.

Browsing and creating notes is now much more intuitive thanks to a better notes list, a snippets view, a cards view, a note editor, and the ability to easily change a note’s location.

A number of fresh keyboard shortcuts are making their way into Evernote 5, saving everyone’s precious time with such commands as:

CMD-J: Jump to a notebook from anywhere in the application

CMD-Shift-A: Jump to All Notes

CMD-Option-(1-5): Switch to main sidebar sections (Notes, Notebooks, etc)

CMD-(1-9): Jump to Shortcuts

CMD-L: Edit current note title

CMD-’: Edit current note tags

CMD-]: Indent text

For notebooks and tags, users will get new comprehensive views and more timesaving features, like the ability to filter out notebooks or tags by clicking the left navigation button, then immediately typing the filter word. And any notebook icon now has its own share button.

Evernote 5 also introduces Atlas, “a brand new way to visually explore your notes in Evernote.”

Atlas is a find-my-notes of sorts, reading the location where your notes were created and then presenting them on Place Cards based on their proximity to each other. The new maps view will also come in handy.

The search function has been enhanced with TypeAhead search suggestions, Search Joined Notebooks, and more.

This, and much more, will be available in Evernote 5 for Mac next week when the beta comes out. For the full scoop, visit the developer’s web site.


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