The NFL Is Funding Cruel and Deadly Experiments on Animals, PETA Claims

These experiments recreate injuries players suffer on the field, the organization says

PETA is now going after the National Football League (NFL). Long story short, the organization claims that the League has for some time now been funding cruel and deadly experiments on dogs, rats, mice and other defenseless animals.

It is asking that the public do not delay to take action and ask the NFL to quit spending money on experiments that boil down to horrific animal cruelty.

“For years, the National Football League Foundation, formerly known as NFL Charities, has quietly funded horrific and deadly sports-injury experiments on dogs, mice, rats, and other animals at Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of California–Los Angeles, the University of Notre Dame, and other schools and private laboratories,” PETA says, as cited by Ecorazzi.

“These projects, many of which are ongoing, are crudely designed to recreate injuries on the football field,” it further explains.

The animal rights activists claim that some of the animals used in these experiments have their knees or their spinal cords crushed. Others suffer skull fractures and severe trauma to the brain.

According to PETA, researching sports injuries on animals is pretty much futile. Because their anatomy is different to ours, any information that is collected in this gruesome manner is useless, the organization argues.

Those who wish to team up with the organization and ask the NFL to stop funding these experiments need only fill in this pre-written letter and hit the send button.

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