The Most Enthusiastic Cr-48 Owners Will Get a Free Samsung Chromebook

More than half a year ago, when Google Chrome OS was supposed to be launched, Google announced a delay instead but also a pilot program for early adopters and testers to get their hands on 'beta' devices, the Cr-48 notebooks.

They weren't great, especially the early versions were rather buggy, but they gave users a glimpse of what life in the cloud could be and Google the chance to test both Chrome OS and the devices it's running on.

Now, Google is thanking the most useful volunteers with yet another free device, select participants in the Cr-48 program will get a Samsung Chromebook as well.

The ones selected for this have been notified via email and are discussing this in a thread on the Google Chromebook forum.

"Over the past few months, you’ve gone above and beyond in the Chrome Notebook Pilot Forum," the email sent to one of the participants read.

"That’s why we want to invite you to be a Chromebook guru. As a part of the Chromebook guru program, we will be giving out Chromebooks to a very small and select group of pilot users. The goal of this program is to extend the pilot spirit to all of the Chromebooks in our family and to help spread the word organically," it added.

Google won't be sending too many of these free devices, but those that have really gotten involved in the pilot program are now getting another perk after the free Cr-48s they got in the first place.

All that Google asks in return is to spread the word, something that these users, which are clearly already Google and Chrome OS fans, will be doing anyway.

So expect to see enthusiastic users getting all worked up over their free Samsung Chromebook all over YouTube, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and so on.

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