The Moon Was a Special Guest at Steve Jobs’ Celebration Event

Apple posts image of yesterday’s event celebrating tech visionary Steven P. Jobs

In celebration of Steve Jobs’ life, Apple has posted a photo showing CEO Tim Cook giving a heart-warming speech in front of everyone important within Apple at a planned gathering that took place on the company’s Cupertino campus yesterday, October 19th, 2011.

The building at 1 Infinite Loop was covered in huge photos of Steve Jobs, both in his youth, and of recent years - all well known to Apple fans worldwide.

One of those photos can be seen in the large .tiff image offered to the press yesterday.

It depicts a young Jobs sitting on the floor in a buddhist position with a Macintosh in his lap. Just over the photo, up a balcony, some Apple staffers are listening to Tim Cook’s speech.

Albeit barely observable, the Moon in its third quarter can be seen just above, in line with the photo of young Steve.

It’s almost as if the Earth’s natural satellite, unwilling to wait for the nighttime, sneaked past the entrance guards and disguised itself in the clear blue sky to take part in the celebration.

Review image

Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks to employees at a celebration of Steve Jobs' life (click to enlarge).

Credits: Apple Inc.

Unfortunately Apple is not providing a video recording of yesterday’s festivities, but they did open up a Steve Jobs page filled with millions of tribute messages from fans all around the world.

CBS however was keen to offer a view of the event from above via its Cnet site, so they flew their helicopters there and captured some areal footage.

According to those close to the Cupertino campus, Bill Campbell and Al Gore gave speeches on stage, while Norah Jones and ColdPlay played music. Jobs’ rendition of “The Crazy Ones” was also played.

Apple Retail closed for one hour yesterday in light of the celebration with the specific purpose of allowing everyone at Apple, including retail employees, to attend the event. Retail staffers were offered a live webcast of the festivities.

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