The Moon Like You've Never Seen It Before, in 3D

A spectacular 360 degree panoramic image pieced together from Apollo 16 photos

Ever wanted to see the Moon in 3D? You can just look outside your window, but now there's a better or at least more technologically advanced way.

Amateur astronomer Roberto Beltramini has spent a long time painstakingly piecing together images taken during the Apollo 16 mission into a 360 degree 3D panorama.

The result is quite spectacular, though it's fair to say that it would have been spectacular even without the 3D effect.

Beltramini had to modify the original images quite a lot to create the 3D effect and had to stitch them together for the panorama.

You can check out the results here, all you need is the Flash Player plugin. The 3D effect is just an anaglyph, i.e. the images are designed to be seen with a pair of simple colored (red and cyan) 3D glasses.

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