The Masters of Fantasy Art - A Tribute to Keith Parkinson

Tribute to fantasy artist and illustrator, Keith Parkinson

Sony Online Entertainment and Sigil Games Online prepped an exhibition with The Art Institutes to bring "The Masters of Fantasy Art-A Tribute to Keith Parkinson" to five major cities across America. The tour will showcase the artwork of seminal artist Keith Parkinson as well as Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, his posthumous masterpiece. Beginning this month in San Francisco, the tour is scheduled to be on display at The Art Institutes galleries across the country. The Masters of Fantasy Art elegantly displays the convergence of fine art and technology in today's interactive entertainment industry.

The late Keith Parkinson continues to act as art director in memorandum for Sigil Games Online. His artwork has directly influenced the artistic vision for MMORPG "Vanguard: Saga of Heroes."

Laura Naviaux, Senior Brand Manager, at Sony Online Entertainment said: "Our goal for 'The Masters of Fantasy Art' tour is to highlight the artistry that is integral to the creation of video games, as well as the influences of classical art on the industry as a whole. By showcasing Keith Parkinson's work on the new 'Vanguard: Saga of Heroes' online video game and joining up with The Art Institute, we hope to raise the public's awareness of computer and graphical arts as a discipline."

The last statement of the interview was held by Nick Parkinson, Keith Parkinson's son: "Commercial fantasy artwork, be it on book covers or in video games is often overlooked as an art form. I am excited to help, through my father's art, shine the spotlight on not only his works but the teams of hardworking and immensely talented artists who make these worlds truly come alive."

We have to hand it to them, without Keith, fantasy games like Everquest, Magic: The Gathering and most recent Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, wouldn't have been so fantastic.

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